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Why Polish a Concrete Floor?

Posted by Tony Corsini on 12/20/22 2:30 PM

Perfecting the basics is a mark of a true master.

That's why our team here can install the most amazing polished concrete floor systems. It is how we have gotten to where we are today. However, you may be wondering why someone would want to bother and have their concrete polished in the first place. (Epoxy floors, after all, are more resilient.) If you are asking that, then this post is for you, as there are several benefits that you can gain by having your concrete floor polished.


The first and most easily noticeable benefit of polishing concrete is that it is much nicer to look at than an unpolished 'raw' concrete floor. While aesthetic tastes can differ from person to person, most people will agree that the reflective sheen of smooth polished concrete looks far better than the rough bland surface of the regular variety. Additionally, polished concrete can be highly reflective, meaning that the overall brightness of the area will significantly increase. This is often a huge advantage for large facilities with tall ceiling where the lights may be a considerable distance from the floor.


Longer LifeSpan than 'raw' concrete

A benefit that you might appreciate even more however, is the fact that polishing your concrete can significantly increase its lifespan. Polishing concrete removes many of the imperfections on the surface that make the concrete more susceptible to wear. It is not only imperfections in the concrete that can reduce its lifespan, but also on the concrete, or in other words, dirt. Thankfully another benefit of polished concrete is that it is much easier to clean than standard. The lack of imperfections in polished concrete means that dirt has fewer places to dig in and hold on to, reducing the surface area that dirt clings to and wears down on.

Cost effective

Polishing concrete is not a small job. There is a lot of work and passion that goes into getting a rough slab of rock look so shiny. But it can be much cheaper than other industrial floor solutions. It is why some people opt for a simple polished concrete project to undertake instead.

Easy to upgrade

Concrete that has been polished is something that can be upgraded easily. Say you find some more money to opt-in for an epoxy flooring install. Yes, this system will last much longer, but when the time comes to remove the epoxy, it can be a bit more of a headache than simply repolishing your concrete. (Though, most times, a facility is much better off investing upfront and getting the better system to start.)

It is a solid option

Of course, there can be any number of reasons that you would choose to get polished concrete. It is for sure better than using something less solid for your floor... (Leaving this statement open ended should speak volumes about some of the floors we have seen.) Whatever your reason for getting polished concrete, it is hardly ever something that could be considered a poor investment. It is a great addition to any facility.

Please find out more about this type of floor system in our Concrete Polishing Binder and learn how things like aggregate ensure slip resistance while maintaining an excellent mirror-like finish.


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