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The Venues Toledo: Wedding Venue & Event Spaces

Posted by Tony Corsini on 10/22/21 9:30 AM

The Venues is a place where you can host events and weddings in multiple spaces. (500 guests using their multi-room layout!) It was once a downtown warehouse here in Toledo, but it has been elegantly turned into a cool event venue with an industrial feel. Their most recent addition added yet another spot, perfect for wedding ceremonies and rehearsal dinners. Hoover Wells was lucky enough to help get this room ready for a bride's big day.

"The Venues is like no other event venue in the city of Toledo. Nestled in the heart of downtown, our large open rooms have high ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed brick walls. We provide the perfect minimalist backdrop that can be transformed to suit your style and wedding vision. We believe in providing a non-traditional venue, so our clients have more options to make the space uniquely their own." -

venues_beforeWe helped them get their old and rough concrete floors into tip-top shape. From previously being a warehouse, the floors were in rough shape. Cracks, holes, scratches, and more littered the surface and required some serious attention. But that is no problem for us. Within days, our team was about to transform the look of this room completely. The shine that we can achieve in polishing concrete seems unreal, and what better way than to be a part of many fantastic weddings in the future.

venues_afterPlease find out more about this type of floor system in our Concrete Polishing Binder and learn how things like aggregate ensure slip resistance while maintaining an excellent mirror-like finish.


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