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Why would you want an epoxy floor?

Posted by Tony Corsini on 6/5/20 12:05 PM

Hoover Wellsfeatures our own custom epoxy flooring called Rez-Stone. It is a great fit for businesses that want to apply an epoxy coating to their current concrete floor. However, you may be asking yourself the question, ‘Why would you want an epoxy floor?

The most common reason for using an epoxy floor is just how versatile it is.Seriously, some of the systems we offer include resistances to chemicals, slips, sparks, heat,impacts andmore.Epoxy floors can make your operation safer! Epoxy reflects light better than concrete to help increase the overall brightness of the area and we can add lines/patterns to epoxy floors to help easily identify pathways and hazardous areas. From hazard markings and walkways to ads and logos, we can make it happen!

It also lasts a long time! Epoxy can last for many years, even when under constant stress from heavy use. As you can probably guess, it is harder to fix concrete than an epoxy covering. That layer of long-lasting epoxy serves as a layer of protection for your concrete floor underneath, protecting against chipping, cracking, and wear.

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What Makes an Epoxy Floor Slip Resistant?

Posted by Tony Corsini on 3/13/20 9:36 AM

Slip resistance is a major consideration when trying to select the proper floor system for your facility. (We refer to slip resistance as the floor texture.) There is a give-and-take scenario when selecting the amount of slip resistance needed. The more slip resistant your epoxy floor system is the harder it is to clean, but again, your floor is not slippery. As you lower the slip resistance, your floor becomes easier and easier to clean.

There are three ways to control slip resistance in an epoxy floor system:

  1. Adding aggregate to the epoxy material,
  2. The topcoats natural finish,
  3. And the topcoat coverage rate.

Generally, aggregates include oxide or silica sand which have different sizes and shapes, topcoat finish would be the natural floor finish without adding aggregate, and material coverage rate is the square foot per gallon achieved during application.

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Topics: Rez-Stone, Floor Systems, Epoxy Flooring, Floor Maintenance, Slip Resistant

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