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What Is Surface Preparation & Why Is It So Important?

Posted by Skipper Clark on 10/16/18 4:00 PM


Here at Hoover Wells, we pride ourselves on how we can maintain the superior quality of our work. Besides safety, nothing is more important than the floors we work on. With over 40 years of experience in the industrial flooring industry, we offer a unique, wide range of specialized services, but none of those services can be done properly without good preparation work.

Our Rez-Stone epoxy is the best out there, but no matter which material you are going to apply, the best epoxy in the world has a hard time adhering to substrates that have not been properly prepared. Imagine painting a wall that has been covered in drywall dust. Your now dusty paint-roller would barely be able to transfer paint to the wall. The paint that does get to the wall will end up patchy and flaking off. Similarly, if you put glue onto a smooth surface, it will have a difficult time adhering.  The glue needs some type of profile to adhere.  Dirt, grease, oil, preexisting coatings, sealers and many other substances inhibit epoxy from adhering to the substrate.  

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