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Why specialized epoxies are right for you

Posted by Tony Corsini on 1/6/23 7:45 AM

Epoxies are one of the most versatile flooring systems available. They come in various forms to fit numerous functions depending on the location's needs. Rez-Stone alone has 50 types of flooring systems in 18 standard colors. (See that here: The advantages provided by specialized epoxies are not mutually exclusive either. You can employ a specialized epoxy with numerous specialized benefits. Need an epoxy floor that is both impact resistant and static dissipative? We've got you covered. Of course, it helps to know what benefits epoxy can offer, so we'll go through some and direct you to others.

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Re-Coating Existing Epoxy Floors

Posted by Tony Corsini on 8/30/19 10:52 AM

Firstly, proper concrete surface preparation is the most important part of any coating or re-coating application.

In general, any existing properly installed epoxy flooring system can be prepared, re-coated, and warranted if completed properly.

However, it is important to remember that a properly completed re-coat will not improve the adhesion of the existing coating to its substrate.  And will only be as strong as the surface it is going over.

Before any mechanical preparation, the entire area should be thoroughly degreased and rinsed using Rez-Stone 1000 or its equivalent.

All existing coatings must be inspected for loose or delaminating conditions and repaired as necessary. Loose coatings must be removed or scraped back until a “tight edge” is found.

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Did You Know We Coat Containment Pits?

Posted by Skipper Clark on 1/11/19 9:07 AM

CONTAINMENT Pits and Curbing/Sloping 

Here at HooverWells we are often contracted to coat or construct a wide variety of containment pits. These areas come in all shapes and sizes. From indoor to outdoor and small to large, containment pits require a certain level of expertise to be completed correctly. But what is a containment pit?

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