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What is The Hoover Wells Advantage?

Posted by Tony Corsini on 6/12/20 1:42 PM

We make nice floors, but so what? If you have never worked with us, you may not know how we stand out in the epoxy and concrete polishing crowd. The Hoover Wells Advantage is the level of quality we hold ourselves to. It's an achievement of our experiences and customized procedures. It is when you examine what those include that you truly gain an appreciation for the full scope of our valued service.


Hoover Wells was founded in 1978 and is stronger than ever! Having 40 years of industry experience has given us the privilege to complete over 20,000 projects around the world; across those projects we have made sure that over 200,000,000+ square feet of floor reached the level of quality that we ensure. We have even had our team fly to Asia in order to complete a job in Seoul, South Korea! While headquartered in Ohio, our serviced areas reach all over planet Earth. 

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Thanks from Ford Motor Company

Posted by Tony Corsini on 5/8/20 2:00 PM

We wanted to take a moment to thank Ford for recognizing all the hard work that so many people have been contributing towards combating COVID-19.

At Hoover & Wells Inc., we strive to ensure our team always delivers an excellent quality product with minimum hassle. While COVID-19 has made things more difficult, we are continuing to provide the same level of quality as before. The extra steps taken to keep customers and staff safe has been our focus over the past couple months. Through it all, nothing makes us happier than when our staff receives recognition for the work put into providing excellent service. We would like to take a moment to thank our employees for continuing to help us maintain Hoover & Wells' level of quality during this crisis, and our customers for continuing to stay strong and sticking with us.

Ford Motor Company has recognized our work and sent us a thank you.

View the PDF here.

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Helping the Community Cover the COVID-19 Situation

Posted by Tony Corsini on 4/11/20 2:00 PM

Hoover Wells is always here to help, especially in times of need.

Previously, we have been locally involved with helping tackle projects and have supported some great causes over the years. Right now, lending a helping hand is more important than ever. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been looking for ways Hoover & Wells can protect our community. We want to share a couple of recent endeavors to bring some positivity and encouragement at this time. Hoover Wells is apart of the solution!

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