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Our Rez-stone 9400 Epoxy Broadcast System

Posted by Skipper Clark on 2/1/19 8:50 AM


Here at Hoover Wells, we offer a wide array of services, but it can be confusing with the arsenal of different epoxies, polishes and other coatings. So, we are here to help you pick the one you need for your floor and teach you which systems do what to benefit you. We will be covering our Rez-Stone 9400 Epoxy Broadcast system.

This broadcast  system is a silica aggregate filled floor system that provides high-build protection (it’s tough). This system is meant to be installed over new or old concrete and is designed for medium to high industrial traffic areas. It takes a decent amount of traffic for this system to show signs of any degradation.

Broadcast - Oakland CC - Textured Chemical, wear and impact resistance

The Rez-Stone 9400 system offers many advantages. This system can be customized to your specific flooring needs and varies in thickness from 1/16” to 1/8”. This is an economical high-build, aggregate-filled floor system that provides a cost savings compared to the Rez-Stone 9500 ¼” epoxy mortar system. We are able to provide varying degrees of non-slip finishes for any place subject to moisture. This system also provides chemical, wear and impact resistance.

For more information on Rez-Stone Epoxy systems...


Check out our Rez-Stone Binder!


It's full of all the information you would every need regarding our Rez-Stone products.

The experts at Hoover Wells believe Rez-Stone 9400  is a great, well-rounded system that has seemingly limitless applications. We are only a call or click away to help with any questions you may have about our Rez-Stone 9400 Epoxy Broadcast or any of our other high-performance flooring systems.


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