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Our Rez-stone 5748 Chemical Resistant Coating

Posted by Skipper Clark on 2/8/19 9:04 AM


Here at Hoover Wells, we offer a wide array of services, but it can be confusing with the arsenal of different epoxies, polishes and other coatings. So, we are here to help you pick the one you need for your floor and teach you which systems do what to benefit you. We will be covering our Rez-Stone  5748 Chemical Resistant Coating.

Rez-Stone 5748 is a high-build coating used for indoor traffic areas where an extreme degree of solvent or acid resistance must be maintained. Rez-Stone 5748 is well-suited as a stand-alone system or a finish coat over various Rez-Stone epoxy overlays / coating systems where added chemical resistance is necessary. An advantage of this system includes excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including but not limited to:

  • N Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP)
  • MEK
  • A-1 Jet Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • and a list of others that can be found on the technical data sheet.

Orange Peel - GM Pontiac 3High-build coating used for indoor traffic areas

Rez-Stone 5748 can be applied directly over properly prepared concrete surfaces or over Rez-Stone epoxy overlayments and sealer systems by using a brush, roller, squeegee, or sprayer. The easiest application can be achieved by spreading with a notched squeegee and back-rolling on spiked shoes. Remember though, two coats are required. The second coat can be applied as soon as the first coat is dry enough to walk on, usually 12-16 hours but no longer than 48 hours. Higher working temperatures will shorten pot life and working times.

 For more information on Rez-Stone Epoxy systems...



It's full of all the information you would every need regarding our Rez-Stone products.

The experts at Hoover Wells believe Rez-Stone 5748 is a tough, protection system that will surely work for your most extreme chemical protective needs. We are only a call or click away to help with any questions you may have about our Rez-Stone  5748 Chemical Resistant Coating  or any of our other high-performance flooring systems.


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