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Our Rez-Stone 9334 Three-Coat Epoxy Floor System

Posted by Tony Corsini on 4/17/20 11:00 AM


Rez-Stone 9334 is a three-coat epoxy floor system designed for hi-build epoxy protection over existing concrete substrates where good filling and leveling properties are needed. Rez-Stone 9334 provides high gloss and excellent wear resistance on light-to-heavy industrial floor applications. Rez-Stone 9334 incorporates three coats of 100% solids epoxy for an economical, long-lasting 34 mil floor system.

Advantages include:

  • Economical
  • Easy two-coat application
  • Excellent light reflectivity
  • Solvent Free
  • No VOC’s

Concrete surfaces must be clean and sound. Remove all dirt, laitance, grease, curing compounds, and other bond-inhibiting contaminants by shot blasting, scarification, or other approved mechanical methods. Due to the relatively thin film thickness of the system, brush blasting is recommended with a S-280 shot or smaller to prevent blast marks from telegraphing through the coating. Treated surfaces vacuumed to remove all dust and dirt before applying any coatings.

Rez-Stone #9334Novolac Epoxy 10-1

Rez-Stone #9334 Novolac Epoxy 19

These photos were from a recent job that was an effort to help combat COVID-19. The Temperance Distilling Company was kind enough to convert their alcohol manufacturing equipment into a hand sanitizer manufacturing line. Read more about that project here!

After proper surface preparation, the concrete surface will be primed using a straight tight squeegee coat of Rez-Stone 5017. After curing of the primer, all cracks and holes may be patched with a putty knife or trowel using Rez-Stone 2610 epoxy crack repair kits. After patching, an intermediate coat of Rez-Stone 5017 is applied with a squeegee or steel trowel to help heal the roughness of the floor. A topcoat of Rez-Stone 5078 hi-build chemical and abrasion resistant epoxy is applied at 100 square feet per gallon for a textured finish.

 For more information on Rez-Stone Epoxy systems...



It's full of all the information you would every need regarding our Rez-Stone products and even has specification charts on everything, including Rez-Stone 9334!

The experts at Hoover Wells know that Rez-Stone 9334 works best for hi-build epoxy protection over existing concrete substrates. It provides high gloss and excellent wear resistance on light-to-heavy industrial floor applications. Since it incorporates three coats of 100% solids epoxy, it is an economical and long-lasting 34 mil floor system. We are only a call or click away to help with any questions you may have about our Rez-Stone  9334 or any of our other high-performance flooring systems.

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