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Why specialized epoxies are right for you

Posted by Tony Corsini on 1/6/23 7:45 AM

Epoxies are one of the most versatile flooring systems available. They come in various forms to fit numerous functions depending on the location's needs. Rez-Stone alone has 50 types of flooring systems in 18 standard colors. (See that here: The advantages provided by specialized epoxies are not mutually exclusive either. You can employ a specialized epoxy with numerous specialized benefits. Need an epoxy floor that is both impact resistant and static dissipative? We've got you covered. Of course, it helps to know what benefits epoxy can offer, so we'll go through some and direct you to others.


Perhaps the most common specialized epoxy is anti-slip. Anti-slip functionality is often associated with an orange-peel textured finish to the epoxy. This is useful in just about any scenario, but especially so in areas with regular slipping hazards such as frequent water spills.


Additionally, it is common to use epoxy flooring systems as a method of waterproofing (among other liquids.) You have probably heard of people sealing their decks with epoxy, and even entire pools. Well, that is because epoxy creates a very strong seal. In the industrial space, we tend to work with more hazardous liquids, but that has allowed us to make containment pits for many clients.

Impact resistance

There are numerous resistances that epoxies can provide to make them more suited to their environment. The most commonly used resistance is impact resistance, which ensures the epoxy will stand up to high foot traffic and heavy equipment.

hooverwells_photo20Chemical resistance

Another frequent specialization is chemical-resistant epoxies for use in areas with acidic compounds. We mentioned before that we do containment pits, and these go great with a chemical resistant epoxy system.

Abrastion resistance

Often, we have clients that run heavy equipment over their floors and need something that can take a real beating from being tread on constantly. A high-abrasion resistant epoxy can help ensure that the treads of a large machine won't completely destroy your brand-new epoxy within the first couple of years.

Many more...

But there are also bacterial and fungus resistance, thermal shock resistance to deal with drastic temperature shifts, and even spark-resistant epoxies which are excellent for welding areas. Another frequent specialization of epoxies is to be highly reflective. Some locations require high visibility, which can be achieved with a reflective epoxy increasing the brightness of the area.

While there is no one epoxy that will work for every situation, there are still epoxies that collectively will work for every situation. Whatever your needs are, there is an epoxy flooring system that can be installed to protect your floor.

Find more about these here on our blog using the tag, Summarizing Our Systems.


For more information on Rez-Stone Epoxy systems...



It's full of all the info you would every need regarding our Rez-Stone products and even has specification charts on everything!

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