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Rez-Stone 5017 Combats Heavy & Corrosive Batteries

Posted by Tony Corsini on 9/30/22 10:40 AM


This facility sought our help to make their old beat-up floor look new again. When viewing the warehouse, they had a considerable amount of material that could cause severe damage to a regular floor, like heavy and corrosive batteries. Good thing our Rez-Stone epoxy has a few different options to choose from for this scenario! But, the most important item here is the integrity of the existing coating that has seen much better days. A simple, cost-effective recoat is an option if the existing coating is stuck. However, if the existing coating is not still wholly adhered, then the coating must be removed entirely before the new layer can be applied.

Wixom Diesel before and after 06          Wixom Diesel before and after 03

As you can tell in the before pictures, ~90% of the existing coating is stuck. It may be scratched up and showing its age, but it is not peeling or delaminating from the concrete below, meaning this recoat option is a considerable cost saving for our customers and shows the importance of adequately prepping the concrete before applying epoxy coatings.

The Hoover & Wells install team ground down some of the existing epoxy floor to prep for the recoat and removed the other bits of existing loose epoxy. The concrete was then blasted using a shot-blaster. Our team then installed Rez-Stone 5017 at 175 sqft per gallon over the entire area.

After the 5017 cured overnight, we returned with our Rez-Stone 2610 patching material and filled any holes or imperfections in the floor. The last step was to install our RezStone 5078 topcoat at 90 sqft per gallon. As you can tell from the before/after pictures, our expert team did a masterful job! Thank you to everyone involved in another successful project!

BA_Wixom Diesel before and after 01


This project was a delight to complete as the client was in dire need of a floor for their facility that could hold up to such extreme conditions. Batteries are very corrosive and heavy, so our rugged and long-lasting Rez-Stone systems were perfect for the job! Again, thank you to everyone involved with completing this project. There will be many more to come!

Wixom Diesel before and after 13          Wixom Diesel before and after 10

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