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The Best Defense Against Concrete Defects

Posted by Skipper Clark on 12/14/18 8:54 AM

While working in existing facilities, we encounter a wide range of existing concrete conditions. The worst of which are oil saturated floors and pitted concrete surfaces with exposed aggregate. Concrete in this condition is on the verge of needing to be removed and replaced. Replacing concrete requires an extensive amount of downtime and cure time. This process is very expensive in both money and time. Downtime in production costs much more than simply taking the preventative steps needed to avoid having to replace the concrete.


Here at Hoover Wells, our Rez-Stone 9500 ¼” Epoxy Mortar System is the perfect solution to eliminating concrete replacement in most circumstances. This system requires shot blasting and cleaning of the existing concrete and applying a Rez-Stone epoxy primer. The next step is to patch any large depressions in the concrete and then install our Rez-Stone 9500 ¼”, trowel applied, epoxy mortar over the entire area. After installing the ¼” epoxy mortar, you now have a like-new surface. We like to look at this as a blank canvas for any of our Rez-Stone top coats.

Large depressions in the concrete  A trowel down with smooth coating over top of it.

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Here, you will be able to see the various options that you can use to coat that canvas.


Our Rez-Stone 9500 ¼” Epoxy Mortar System can reduce downtime by up to 85% compared to removing and replacing the existing concrete. In addition to reducing inactivity, our Rez-Stone 9500 system will also reduce cost versus replacing the existing concrete. This system offers excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance, and durability. Feel free to contact the experts at Hoover Wells for additional information.


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