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Re-Coating Existing Epoxy Floors

Posted by Tony Corsini on 8/30/19 10:52 AM
concrete surface preparation

Firstly, proper concrete surface preparation is the most important part of any coating or re-coating application.

In general, any existing properly installed epoxy flooring system can be prepared, re-coated, and warranted if completed properly.

However, it is important to remember that a properly completed re-coat will not improve the adhesion of the existing coating to its substrate.  And will only be as strong as the surface it is going over.

Before any mechanical preparation, the entire area should be thoroughly degreased and rinsed using Rez-Stone 1000 or its equivalent.

All existing coatings must be inspected for loose or delaminating conditions and repaired as necessary. Loose coatings must be removed or scraped back until a “tight edge” is found.


The areas of removed coatings will be mechanically prepared, primed, and patched as necessary to restore the area to its original and smooth elevation.  Typically, this is accomplished by shot-blasting or grinding followed by patching with Rez-Stone 2610 for less than 1/8” deep or Rez-Stone 2500 for repairs greater than 1/8” deep.

After patching is completed the entire area (including the patches) will be mechanically abraded using 20-30 grit or 40-50 grit metal bonded diamonds.  The existing coating should be ground to the point at which no gloss or sheen is evident.

After grinding, the floor will be hand swept using a soft-bristle broom with sweeping compound and then vacuuming or tack-ragging is recommended.

Before priming, any miscellaneous holes, nicks, or gouges can be filled with Rez-Stone 2610.  Rez-Stone 5017 primer binder will be squeegee-applied over these patches while they are still wet.

After the primer has cured, a topcoat of Rez-Stone 5078 can be applied at 90 – 125 square feet per gallon, depending on finish texture desired.



Here, you will be able to see the various options that you can use to coat that canvas.


The experts at Hoover Wells are only a call or click away to help with any questions you may have about any of our other high-performance flooring systems.


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