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Helping the Community Cover the COVID-19 Situation

Posted by Tony Corsini on 4/11/20 2:00 PM

Hoover Wells is always here to help, especially in times of need.

Previously, we have been locally involved with helping tackle projects and have supported some great causes over the years. Right now, lending a helping hand is more important than ever. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been looking for ways Hoover & Wells can protect our community. We want to share a couple of recent endeavors to bring some positivity and encouragement at this time. Hoover Wells is apart of the solution!

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What Makes an Epoxy Floor Slip Resistant?

Posted by Tony Corsini on 3/13/20 9:36 AM

Slip resistance is a major consideration when trying to select the proper floor system for your facility. (We refer to slip resistance as the floor texture.) There is a give-and-take scenario when selecting the amount of slip resistance needed. The more slip resistant your epoxy floor system is the harder it is to clean, but again, your floor is not slippery. As you lower the slip resistance, your floor becomes easier and easier to clean.

There are three ways to control slip resistance in an epoxy floor system:

  1. Adding aggregate to the epoxy material,
  2. The topcoats natural finish,
  3. And the topcoat coverage rate.

Generally, aggregates include oxide or silica sand which have different sizes and shapes, topcoat finish would be the natural floor finish without adding aggregate, and material coverage rate is the square foot per gallon achieved during application.

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Our Rez-Stone 9230 Two-Coat Epoxy Coating System

Posted by Tony Corsini on 2/21/20 10:45 AM


Rez-Stone 9230 is a two-coat epoxy floor system designed for hi-build epoxy protection over new or like new concrete substrates. Rez-Stone 9230 provides high gloss, flat-line finish, and excellent wear resistance on light-to-heavy industrial floor applications. Rez-Stone 9230 incorporates two coats of 100% solids epoxy for an economical, long-lasting, 30 mil floor system.

Advantages include:

  • Economical
  • Easy two-coat application
  • Excellent light reflectivity
  • Solvent Free
  • No VOC’s

Concrete surfaces must be clean and sound. Remove all dirt, laitance, grease, curing compounds, and other bond-inhibiting contaminants by shot blasting, scarification, or other approved mechanical methods. Shot blasting is recommended over bare concrete to create an acceptable profile for the epoxy coating system. Treated surfaces must be completely clean before applying any coatings.

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Our Rez-Stone 9220-OP Two-Coat Epoxy Sealer Floor System

Posted by Tony Corsini on 2/7/20 11:29 AM


Rez-Stone 9220-OP is an economical epoxy coating system which provides hi-build 20 mil protection over new or like new concrete surfaces. Rez-Stone 9220-OP is designed for light-to-medium industrial floor surfaces where light orange peel finish is required. Rez-Stone 9220-OP incorporates a 100% solids epoxy primer and topcoat for long lasting, semi-gloss, textured finish, resistant to most common industrial cleaners and fluids.

Advantages include:

  • Economical
  • Easy-fast application
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Unique orange peel finish
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Our Rez-Stone 5017 100% Solids Epoxy Primer Binder

Posted by Tony Corsini on 12/13/19 10:15 AM

Summarizing Our Systems: REZ-STONE 5017

Here at Hoover Wells, we offer a wide array of services, but it can be confusing with the arsenal of different epoxies, polishes and other coatings. So, we are here to help you pick the one you need for your floor and teach you which systems do what to benefit you. In this article, we will be covering our Rez-Stone 5017 100% solids epoxy primer binder.

Description:  Rez-Stone 5017 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy.  When used as a primer, Rez-Stone 5017 exhibits excellent adhesive properties to properly prepared substrates.  When used as a binder, Rez-Stone 5017’s low viscosity produces easy to work with floor systems even at cool temperatures.

Packaging/Unit Sizes:  3-gallon units, 15-gallon units, 150-gallon units.  Coverage will vary with use.

Surface Preparation:  Concrete surfaces must be clean and sound.  Remove all dirt, laitance, grease, wax, curing compounds, and other bond-inhibiting contaminants by shot blasting, scarification, or other approved mechanical methods.

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How to Maintain an Epoxy Floor System

Posted by Tony Corsini on 11/1/19 11:15 AM

Epoxy floor coverings, including Hoover Wells Rez-Stone flooring systems, benefit from a regular complete maintenance program. Floors can wear and become defaced by heavy traffic grinding dirt and abrasives into the floor surface. That can result in a floor becoming extremely damaged, and in some cases, dangerous. If the floor becomes so damaged that line markings can't be seen, or the concrete begins to crumble, this floor has become unsafe.

This  is what can happen to a floor that is not regularly maintained. Though, as you can see, we can still make it look brand new!

So, how do you avoid having such issues?

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Concrete Surface Preparation

Posted by Tony Corsini on 9/20/19 9:19 AM

Proper concrete surface preparation is the most important part of the application of protective coatings or overlayments. Applicators should inspect and prepare concrete surfaces as failure to do so can result in failure of the flooring system.

All concrete surfaces must be sound. The surface strength of the concrete must be at least 200 psi for the successful application of Rez-Stone flooring products.

Depending on which Rez-Stone flooring system is used, removal of surface defects may be required. Smooth trowel surface on the substrate is required. Protrusions such as mortar splatter or trowel marks should be removed by grinding.

Any oil, grease, curing compounds, release agents, laitance, or unbounded coatings must be removed prior to the application of Rez-Stone flooring systems.

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What is an epoxy floor system?

Posted by Tony Corsini on 9/6/19 8:55 AM

Though no two facilities or two pieces of concrete are the same, these basic specifications can be used and modified to meet almost any need. Each system is designed to accomplish a certain result.

Epoxy Coatings:

Two-coat systems are designed to seal and protect new concrete from oil and other chemical penetration. This system dust-proofs the floor, hardens the concrete surface better than other surface hardeners, and provides a wear surface. The systems are usually pigmented to provide enhanced aesthetics and increased light reflectivity.

Three-coat systems are used to add additional mil for extended wear and fill in rougher concrete.

Coatings work well for both new and old concrete but are better suited for off-aisle areas and where the concrete has nominal oil saturation. If a concrete surface can be damaged, the same damage will occur to these systems.

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Re-Coating Existing Epoxy Floors

Posted by Tony Corsini on 8/30/19 10:52 AM

Firstly, proper concrete surface preparation is the most important part of any coating or re-coating application.

In general, any existing properly installed epoxy flooring system can be prepared, re-coated, and warranted if completed properly.

However, it is important to remember that a properly completed re-coat will not improve the adhesion of the existing coating to its substrate.  And will only be as strong as the surface it is going over.

Before any mechanical preparation, the entire area should be thoroughly degreased and rinsed using Rez-Stone 1000 or its equivalent.

All existing coatings must be inspected for loose or delaminating conditions and repaired as necessary. Loose coatings must be removed or scraped back until a “tight edge” is found.

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Rez-Stone 9402 Epoxy Double Broadcast Floor System

Posted by Tony Corsini on 8/23/19 9:16 AM


Rez-Stone 9402 is a silica aggregate filled epoxy floor system that provides hi-build protection, up to 1/8” D.F.T., over new or existing concrete substrates.  Rez-Stone 9402 is designed for medium-to-high industrial traffic areas where varying degrees of non-slip are required.  Rez-Stone 9402 incorporates multiple epoxy base coats with a broadcast silica aggregate.  Use Rez-Stone where chemical, wear, impact resistance and non-slip finishes are required.

Advantages include:

  • Economical hi-build aggregate-filled protection
  • Easy application, no trowel marks
  • Varying degrees of non-slip
  • High abrasion, impact and chemical resistance
  • Variable thickness up to 1/8”
  • Solvent free
  • No VOC’s
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