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Our Rez-Stone 9594 3/16” Decorative Epoxy Floor Topping

Posted by Tony Corsini on 4/26/19 9:32 AM


Rez-Stone 9594 is a nominal 3/16” seamless decorative epoxy floor system. It utilizes 100% solids epoxy in a trowel-applied base coat and a multi-color quartz broadcast. This allows for a functional slip-resistant finish. This is is ideally suited for new or renovation construction where added thickness and impact-resistance are needed. Textured finish can be adjusted in commercial or industrial applications.

Advantages include:

  • Excellent chemical, impact, and abrasion-resistance
  • Seamless cove base available
  • Meets USDA requirements
  • Varying degrees of slip-resistance
  • Solvent free
  • No VOC’s

After proper surface preparation, Rez-Stone primer and overlayment material are mixed just prior to use.  Using a screened box or straight edge screen into place and trowel-finish. Once the matrix has cured, scrape or sand to remove trowel imperfections and vacuum clean. Apply broadcast binder using a notched squeegee (or trowel) and medium-napped roller. Broadcast color quartz into freshly-rolled base coat to excess and allow to cure. Remove excess quartz and apply seal coat using a flat trowel for a light-textured finish or a flat squeegee for a more aggressive finish.

Color QuartzColorQuartz3

 For more information on Rez-Stone Epoxy systems...



It's full of all the information you would every need regarding our Rez-Stone products.

The experts at Hoover Wells believe Rez-Stone 9594 3/16” is a seamless decorative epoxy floor system that will surely work for commercial or industrial applications where a functional slip-resistant finish is needed. We are only a call or click away to help with any questions you may have about our Rez-Stone 9594 floor system or any of our other high-performance flooring systems.

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