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Our Rez-Stone 5017 100% Solids Epoxy Primer Binder

Posted by Tony Corsini on 12/13/19 10:15 AM

Summarizing Our Systems: REZ-STONE 5017

Here at Hoover Wells, we offer a wide array of services, but it can be confusing with the arsenal of different epoxies, polishes and other coatings. So, we are here to help you pick the one you need for your floor and teach you which systems do what to benefit you. In this article, we will be covering our Rez-Stone 5017 100% solids epoxy primer binder.

Description:  Rez-Stone 5017 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy.  When used as a primer, Rez-Stone 5017 exhibits excellent adhesive properties to properly prepared substrates.  When used as a binder, Rez-Stone 5017’s low viscosity produces easy to work with floor systems even at cool temperatures.

Packaging/Unit Sizes:  3-gallon units, 15-gallon units, 150-gallon units.  Coverage will vary with use.

Surface Preparation:  Concrete surfaces must be clean and sound.  Remove all dirt, laitance, grease, wax, curing compounds, and other bond-inhibiting contaminants by shot blasting, scarification, or other approved mechanical methods.

Mixing:  Mix Ratio = 2 Parts resin to 1 Part curing agent by volume.  Temperature of material must be between 60°F and 90°F at time of mixing for best application properties.  Pre-mix resin component before blending with curing agent.  Mix two parts by volume resin with one part by volume curing agent for three minutes with low speed drill and paddle.  Mix only that amount of material that can be used within its applicable pot life.

Application:  Application will vary with use.  To use as a primer over properly prepared surfaces, apply using a brush, roller, or squeegee.  As a binder, use as recommended by appropriate Rez-Stone specification sheet.


    • Low viscosity
    • Excellent blush resistance
    • Non-flammable 100% solids
    • Solvent free
    • No VOCs


    • Minimum substrate temperature 50°F
    • New concrete must be at least 28 days old
    • Do not apply over wet surfaces

 For more information on Rez-Stone Epoxy systems...



It's full of all the information you would every need regarding our Rez-Stone products and even has specification charts on everything, including Rez-Stone 5017!


The experts at Hoover Wells know that Rez-Stone 5017 exhibits excellent adhesive properties to properly prepared substrates when used as a primer. When used as a binder, Rez-Stone 5017’s low viscosity produces easy to work with floor systems even at cool temperatures. We are only a call or click away to help with any questions you may have about our Rez-Stone  5017 100% solids epoxy primer binder or any of our other high-performance flooring systems.

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