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Line Striping & Custom Logos

Posted by Tony Corsini on 1/3/23 8:11 AM

We have spent a considerable amount of time praising the many benefits of epoxy flooring systems. However, the two benefits we would like to focus on today are how we can use epoxy to improve your workspaces' safety and aesthetics. Specifically, through the use of line striping/markings, custom logos, and other custom elements in the epoxy.

But what is line striping

Line striping is exactly what it sounds like: adding a layer of epoxy over a floor to form stripes of epoxy. (Think of the lines on a basketball court.) The most common form of line striping is black and yellow caution lines used to indicate areas where a person standing in them would potentially be exposed to hazards or dangerous environments.

Commom forms of line striping

After hazard lines, another common use for line striping in epoxy floors is to indicate walkways, parking spaces, or other zones with a designated purpose. This can be accompanied by stop and yield signs, different color lines and dashed lines to mean different things, and a plethora of helpful designations. We have even done helipads!

Allison Transmission 31Aesthetics markings

Even if you desire line striping in your epoxy for no other reason than aesthetics, we can accommodate that too. In addition to line striping, we offer a much more intricate method through which you can add some additional flair to your epoxy. We can include your company's logo or slogan on your epoxy floor. This is a great way to personalize your epoxy flooring system and add a bit of flair unique to you and your business.

Check out our gallery!

You can see examples of line striping, custom logos, and more of our epoxy work in our gallery here.  If this leaves you thinking that you would like an epoxy flooring system, then have no fear. Our team is more than capable of outfitting your business with a practical and durable flooring system that will last for years and can be customized to fit your specific needs, no matter how large the project is.

Check out our project gallery!

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