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How to Maintain an Epoxy Floor System

Posted by Tony Corsini on 11/1/19 11:15 AM

Epoxy floor coverings, including Hoover Wells Rez-Stone flooring systems, benefit from a regular complete maintenance program. Floors can wear and become defaced by heavy traffic grinding dirt and abrasives into the floor surface. That can result in a floor becoming extremely damaged, and in some cases, dangerous. If the floor becomes so damaged that line markings can't be seen, or the concrete begins to crumble, this floor has become unsafe.

Before & After, Epoxy floor

This  is what can happen to a floor that is not regularly maintained. Though, as you can see, we can still make it look brand new!

So, how do you avoid having such issues?

Here are some tips to help protect and clean your epoxy floors so that they will last a lifetime!

Protective Maintenance Tips

  • Do not drag sharp objects across the floor surface.
  • Do not weld over the floor system as it can burn the surface causing amber discoloration.
  • Place wet caution signs in the event of standing water or oil and clean up promptly.

Cleaning Maintenance Guide

  1. Routine sweeping and/or dusting is recommended to remove abrasive particles.
  2. As required, depending on the amount of traffic and build-up on the floor, wash floor with warm water and detergent, following detergent manufacturer’s directions. (Rez-Stone 1000 soap solution is recommended.)
  3. Wet mop the solution onto floor surface.
  4. Scrub to loosen adhered dirt using stiff bristle nylon brush.
  5. Remove soiled wash water with mop, squeegee, or wet vacuum and discard.
  6. Rinse floor thoroughly with clean water.
  7. For worn surfaces with wear scratches, the surface may be buffed using a lamb’s wool pad. In addition, acrylic floor wax solution may be mop-applied to restore shine.

An epoxy floor’s wear and tear will vary depending on its location and uses for the space. We recommend completing this maintenance program as frequently as your situation requires.

Which System Best Suits You

And if you are looking into a new floor, we can help you pick which system will be best for you!

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