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Helping the Community Cover the COVID-19 Situation

Posted by Tony Corsini on 4/11/20 2:00 PM

Hoover Wells is always here to help, especially in times of need.

Previously, we have been locally involved with helping tackle projects and have supported some great causes over the years. Right now, lending a helping hand is more important than ever. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been looking for ways Hoover & Wells can protect our community. We want to share a couple of recent endeavors to bring some positivity and encouragement at this time. Hoover Wells is apart of the solution!

Production of Ventilators

Hoover Wells was contracted to help fast track the production of ventilators to battle COVID-19. For the last two weeks at the Ford Rawsonville Plant, Hoover Wells has installed 65,000 square feet of our Rez-Stone 9334 Epoxy System. Having an existing relationship with this plant allowed for us to act quickly when they decided to actively join the fight in this battle. This floor system will provide a clean working environment to produce ventilators for those needing respiratory assistance while they take on this virus. We went into this project knowing about the condensed schedule, so there was no delay in getting the facility transformed. 

Hoover & Wells is always here to help

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Another example that we were lucky enough to assist with was when the Temperance Distilling Company reached out to us. They were converting their alcohol manufacturing equipment into a hand sanitizer manufacturing line. The objective here is a bit obvious, but with the shortage of sanitizers publicly available right now, we felt that this was a project that should be supported. The area needed to be clean and sterile to produce the sanitizer. The system selected was our Rez-Stone 9334 Novolac Epoxy System. This specific system is more chemical resistant than standard epoxy and will withstand the chemicals used to manufacture the sanitizer. The work was completed in a three-day time frame to help minimize their downtime and maintain the quick turn-around they desired. 

But that isn't all we are doing. Many more projects are on the way, but we would like to thank our dedicated crew members for stepping up and helping our great country in this time of need.

Please acknowledge those who are making this possible. We are indeed proud of them.

Check our more of our projects here on our featured projects page!

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