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Epoxy Flooring Misconceptions

Posted by Tony Corsini on 1/13/23 8:15 AM

Epoxy is an excellent flooring option due to its durability, easy maintenance, and long lifespan. However, despite that, there are some common misconceptions that have been proliferated about epoxy that are simply untrue. We will work to dispel some of those misconceptions here so that everyone can understand their flooring system options and make an educated choice.

Frequent Replacement (myth)

One of the most common misconceptions is that epoxy flooring needs to be replaced frequently every few years. That may be the case if your epoxy is poorly installed; however, when done correctly, epoxy has a lifespan of anywhere from a minimum of ten to fifteen years. Which ties nicely into the second common misconception: epoxy flooring is a DIY project.

epoxy flooring is a DIY project (myth)

Once again, this is technically accurate in the sense that it is something you can do, but if you want to achieve the best possible quality and get the most out of your epoxy, you will need to have it professionally done. Yes, even just a garage floor. Part of the problem with DIY epoxy installations is the frequent lack of proper surface preparation. We have written a few articles on why proper surface preparation is actually the most important aspect of installing any epoxy floor system. Those who attempt DIY epoxy installations usually know that the concrete needs to be cleaned beforehand but often underestimate just how thorough cleaning is required. And most completely disregard cracks or concrete lines that need repaired. Failing to effectively clean the concrete surface will result in the epoxy not properly adhering to it, lowering the epoxy's lifespan to as short as a weekend.


Difficult Maintenance (Myth)

Another common misconception is that epoxy is difficult and time-consuming to maintain; this is blatantly not true. Unlike concrete, epoxy does not chip and will not stain; additionally, it is exceptionally easy to clean. There is a valid concern that wet epoxy can be quite slippery, but this also has a simple fix by adding some texture to the surface, which can be done easily by a professional installer.

A coat of paint is just as good as an epoxy coating (Myth)

The last misconception we will cover is the idea that a coat of paint is just as good as an epoxy coating. This is entirely ridiculous; paint has nowhere near the protective qualities that epoxy offers. Epoxy provides a significant layer of impact protection and waterproofing, as well as other possible resistances such as protection against chemical spills, mold, and bacteria. Paint offers none of those benefits and tends to chip and crack easily.

It would be a shame if someone did not choose to use epoxy for their floor due to believing it was an inferior product when it is not. Epoxy flooring offers numerous benefits and can greatly extend the life of concrete.

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