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Did You Know We Coat Containment Pits?

Posted by Skipper Clark on 1/11/19 9:07 AM

CONTAINMENT Pits and Curbing/Sloping 

Containment Pit done by Hoover Wells

Here at HooverWells we are often contracted to coat or construct a wide variety of containment pits. These areas come in all shapes and sizes. From indoor to outdoor and small to large, containment pits require a certain level of expertise to be completed correctly. But what is a containment pit?

Secondary Spill containment

A containment pit is a form of spill control that helps keep things like hazardous liquids and waste from polluting a work space or even the environment. The overall goal of a containment pit is to prevent liquids or other materials from escaping the desired area. Often these pits are located around or under machines and presses that omit oils, hydraulic fluid, or other contaminants.

HooverWells is quite good at sealing existing pits and can even construct containment curbing using our Rez-Stone epoxies. So even if you do not already have an existing pit or simply do not have room for one, we can build a curb around the desired area and keep containments controlled. Many of our customers use containment pits to prevent slipping hazards, for environmental purposes, and making clean-up easy.

Curbing and Sloping - Chrysler Dundee 2

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Here, you will be able to see the various options that you can use to coat that canvas.


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