The Concrete Space

Why Static Control Epoxy is Covering the Nation?

Epoxy Flooring Misconceptions

Why specialized epoxies are right for you

Line Striping & Custom Logos

Why Polish a Concrete Floor?

Rez-Stone 5017 Combats Heavy & Corrosive Batteries

The Venues Toledo: Wedding Venue & Event Spaces

Helping the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio Get a New Concession Area

Featured Projects – UA Local No. 671

Featured Projects – City of Maumee

The Testing Terms of Concrete Polishing

What is The Hoover Wells Advantage?

Why would you want an epoxy floor?

Thanks from Ford Motor Company

Our Rez-Stone 9334 Three-Coat Epoxy Floor System

Helping the Community Cover the COVID-19 Situation

What Makes an Epoxy Floor Slip Resistant?

Our Rez-Stone 9230 Two-Coat Epoxy Coating System

Our Rez-Stone 9220-OP Two-Coat Epoxy Sealer Floor System

Our Rez-Stone 5017 100% Solids Epoxy Primer Binder

How to Maintain an Epoxy Floor System

Concrete Surface Preparation

What is an epoxy floor system?

Re-Coating Existing Epoxy Floors

Rez-Stone 9402 Epoxy Double Broadcast Floor System

Our Rez-Stone 9594 3/16” Decorative Epoxy Floor Topping

Our Rez-Stone 9412 1/8” Color Quartz Broadcast Floor System

Our Rez-Stone 9500 Epoxy Floor Topping

Our Rez-stone 5748 Chemical Resistant Coating

Our Rez-stone 9400 Epoxy Broadcast System

Did You Know We Coat Containment Pits?

The Best Defense Against Concrete Defects

How to Select an Epoxy Floor System

How to find the right floor system for your facility

The Basics of Concrete Polishing

What Is Surface Preparation & Why Is It So Important?

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